Plaques belong in museum


To the Editor:

First, I take issue with the title of the article published in The MV Times on March 28, “Civil war over Confederate plaques.” The article was well-written, and if the author accurately described the conversation at this meeting, it was a heated, intelligent discussion. Not a civil war.

Second, I totally agree with the sentiments spoken by Gretchen Tucker Underwood, if accurately quoted. Confederate soldiers are not veterans of the United States of America. We had a Constitution at that time. We were one country. The Confederates were fighting against the U.S., not as a part of it. They should not be seen as equals in any way to our brave veterans who have fought in wars since the inception of our country. My father served in three wars, flew 90 missions in WWII. Please do not equate a Civil War Confederate soldier with him.

Third, I think it is a very good suggestion to give these plaques to the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. There they might be used as a part of an educational program about the progression of civil rights in our country and on our Island.

Rhonda Cohen