Exceptional treatment


To the Editor:

Our Martha’s Vineyard Hospital does not get the credit it deserves. I was admitted to the emergency room early one evening at the end of March. My first encounter was with my nurse, Lizzy, who was very professional and compassionate, as were all who followed. Then there was Dr. Zack; he was very thorough, and made me feel at ease. Didn’t know you could have so many tests lying in a bed. It had been more than 20 years since I was a patient here.

Then my night nurse, Debbie, appeared to keep me calm and reassured, and answer all my questions allowed. Radiology, Moses, Kathy, Bruce, and Brent, again, very professional and comforting.

Can’t forget Mike, who helped me with a more comfortable bed, and my Dr. Currier, who got me my release papers!

To all my doctors, nurses, and staff, hats off for a wonderful experience. Always know they are there 24/7 (when needed), serving our very large community.


Rena Vilara
Vineyard Haven