Donaroma wins in Edgartown; Reimann in O.B.

Three towns went to the polls.

Oak Bluffs voters cast their ballots Thursday. - Brian Dowd.

Updated 8:15 pm

Longtime selectman Michael Donaroma cruised to victory over political newcomer Jack Krowski in the Edgartown election Thursday.

Donaroma received 386 votes, to 222 for Krowski. “They have a little faith in me, that’s good,” Donaroma said. “I enjoy what I do, so I’m glad people have faith in me.”

The election drew 17 percent of the town’s 3,740 registered voters to the polls.

Krowski, an outspoken critic of the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission, also lost his bid to join that board. He was defeated by Richard Knight in that race, 432-140.

“Congratulations to both my opponents,” Krowski said. “Richard Knight will do a good job. As I said, I got in the other race because I didn’t want it to be uncontested.”

Meanwhile, Edgartown voters were also in a spending mood. After losing a year ago in a vote that required a recount, a new hangar at the Katama Airfield was approved by a vote of 354-267. A $950,000 Proposition 2½ debt exclusion was approved to pay for it.

Donaroma said that outcome was somewhat surprising, but he’s happy about it. “It’s not a moneymaking thing, but it does protect some old character that’s been there for years and years and years,” he said of the airfield. “That’s a good thing.”

Voters also approved $900,000 for the Morse Street bulkhead project (472-132), $350,000 for sidewalk, bike path, and storm drain repairs in Edgartown (453-164), and $400,000 for road projects (479-136).

Reimann wins O.B. Land Bank seat

Kristen Reimann defeated incumbent Priscilla Sylvia 308-156 for the Oak Bluffs Land Bank Commission seat.

Just 12 percent of the 3,825 eligible voters showed up to the polls Tuesday to fill out a ballot with only one contested race.

Reached by phone after the results were read, Reimann said she was excited with the results. “I am excited to get to work. I also want to acknowledge again all of the years of service that Priscilla Sylvia has dedicated to the town of Oak Bluffs and the Land Bank Commission.”

Sylvia, also reached by phone, was short and sweet with her concession. “I’m disappointed with the results, but it’s a good thing, though, to see younger people wanting to become involved in our community, and I think she’ll be a positive addition to the Land Bank,” Sylvia said.

Selectman Gail Barmakian, who ran unopposed, was re-elected with 344 votes.

Michael Taus and Gregory Henry Thornton both were elected to the finance and advisory committee. Taus received 311 votes, and Thornton got 268. Bill Vrooman also won a write-in vote for the committee with 161 votes.

Voters also rejected a ballot question 296-138 that asked them to fund the town’s share of the feasibility study for the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School. The motion was also shot down at town meeting on Tuesday.

Rattet and Ruskin win in West Tisbury

In the only contest on the West Tisbury ballot, Clark Rattet and Doug Ruskin beat out Joseph Gervais for three-year seats on the finance committee. Ruskin landed the most votes with 179. Rattet took in 127, while Gervais received 107. The race produced 111 blanks and 4 unnamed write-ins. A total of 264 out of 2,544 registered voters cast ballots, which equaled a 10 percent voter turnout.

Both town moderator Dan Waters and selectmen chairman Cynthia Mitchell were re-elected without challengers. Waters received 236 votes, 28 blanks, and 0 write-ins. Mitchell received 209 votes, 50 blanks, and five unnamed write-ins.

Brian Dowd and Rich Saltzberg contributed to this report.