Back Door is back in business

Go nuts for doughnuts.


Have you been to Back Door Donuts in Oak Bluffs?

Did you ever experience the late-night novelty of standing in line with other sweet-toothed consumers as the smell of sugar wafts through the bakery’s signature purple door?

Have you felt the happiness and joy, love and elation, euphoria and ecstasy, and heavenly bliss radiating from the people waiting for their doughnuts in the back parking lot off Kennebec Avenue? Were you aware a doughnut is the most amazing thing you can eat after a night out on the town?

Was the insurmountable decision of choosing between a white cake or chocolate cake doughnut a decision you’ve been hard-pressed to make? What about deciding between a raised or filled doughnut, only to be reminded there is an entire section of specialty doughnuts?

Do you know the feeling of anticipation wracking your bones as you inch closer and closer to the serving window? The excitement of placing your order, knowing your doughnut is happy and warm, waiting to be taken by your rapacious yet tender hunger?

Have you eaten the Butternut Crunch ($2), the Coconut ($2), the Party ($1.75), the Chocolate Supreme ($2.50), the Maple Bacon ($2.50), or the inimitable Apple Fritter ($5.50), like I have?

Did you ever say “treat yo-self” and order seven doughnuts at once and eat them before going into a sugar coma? Did you let the crunchiness of some or the creamy smoothness of others enrapture you with flavor? Have you been taken by the bakery and delicately and tenderly been shown the ways of sweet doughnut love? Have you seen your reflection in the Boston Cream’s ($2.25) chocolate glaze? Have you taken a bite of any of these sweet doughnuts and imagined you were galavanting around the world in Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” music video?

Have you felt your endorphins explode, your taste buds shiver, and your mood lighten as you take a bite of a doughnut so sweet, so soft, and oh so beautiful?

Did you know that walking away with a bag full of doughnuts gives you the same sense of accomplishment Usain Bolt got after his record-setting double sprint victory at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics?

Have you felt the undying love, passionate integrity, and dedicated hard work of manager Josh Biren, head pastry chef Rafat “Raffi” Jabri, Shirley Jabri, and all the other Back Door Donuts employees in every bite of doughnut?

Did you know Back Door Donuts once shocked the world by creating the largest apple fritter ever to exist since the Big Bang established the universe as we know it?

Do you want to go to Back Door Donuts now?

Back Door Donuts is open from 6 pm to 1 am until April 21. Visit or search @backdoordonuts on Instagram for future hours and updates on the front bakery opening, or call 508-693-3688 for more information.