Big shoes to fill


To the Editor:

I would like to publicly and emphatically thank Priscilla Sylvia for her decades of service, representing Oak Bluffs on the Land Bank Commission. We all owe her a debt of gratitude.

Priscilla also served on the Land Bank study committee, which brought the Land Bank concept before town meeting voters for approval in 1986. The following is excerpted from an editorial in the Vineyard Gazette following the overwhelmingly successful adoption of the Land Bank–enabling legislation by all six Island towns: “Ask the members of the Island Land Bank study committee about their experience together, and you will learn both how hard they labored and how rewarding they found the business of shaping and then working toward this common goal for the Island’s broadest good.”

Indeed, Priscilla leaves a very large pair of shoes to fill. I wish her successor, Ms. Reimann, all the best as she takes up this important work of administering the Land Bank’s mission of protecting our remaining open space.


Prudy Burt
West Tisbury