Go with the flow


The Tisbury Water Works will begin the annual flushing of hydrants on Monday, April 22, according to a post on the town’s website.

This program will ensure that all of the town’s fire hydrants operate properly, and improve water quality throughout the town. All flushing will begin at 9 am and continue as late as 6 pm, Monday through Friday. Customers may notice a severe drop in pressure while hydrants are flowing. You should not experience a total loss of pressure, if you do lose all water please call the Dukes County Communications Center at 508-693-1212, and they will contact the Tisbury Water Works crew. Customers may experience some discoloration of the water. If you do draw water while we are flushing near your home, please wait until the water department is out of the area and run cold water until the discoloration clears up.

As a precaution, customers are urged to check their water for discoloration prior to washing laundry. Should a load of laundry be stained by rusty water, contact the Tisbury Water Works office for recommended cleaning instructions.

“We appreciate your patience and cooperation,” the release states. To contact Tisbury Water Works, call 508-693-3100.