Edgartown: Island awakens


I hope everyone had a wonderful Passover and Easter this weekend. The Island has been very busy with many visitors for school vacation, family returning home for the holidays, or seasonal folks returning to open houses and start to get the summer season rolling. More stores and restaurants were open, and there was activity everywhere you turned. I was talking to one family on Circuit Ave., and one of them mentioned that he thought more things would be open. I laughed and said, “This is pretty awesome, actually. You should have been here last week.”

My kids spent school vacation week in New York City with their dad and their little brother, Griffin. They hit all the high points, as one would expect, and even got to see “Wicked.” I expected Amelia to love it, but Riley gave it mighty high ratings himself. I myself stayed put, recovering from shoulder surgery and creating the school yearbook. As such, I didn’t feel particularly rejuvenated or rested heading back into school this morning, but it’s always fun to get back to the kids. Today marked 140 days in the books for the year. We’ll soon be heading into the second round of MCAS testing for math and science, and then we slide quickly into summer. Each year seems to go faster than the previous one.

As part of the Federated Church’s Community Partners program, on April 28, following the 10:30 am church service, Featherstone Center for the Arts executive director Ann Smith will share highlights of their 2019 season, and provide a preview of the summer season. This is a great opportunity to discover the many facets of this year-round community arts center, from themed gallery shows to art classes in just about every medium: painting, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, jewelry, and mixed media, as well as a summer art camp for children, poetry readings, writing workshops, and a host of special events, including the annual Gala, Potter’s Bowl, and Anonymous Art. All are welcome. Please call 508-627-4421, or email officefederatedchurchmv@gmail.com, for more information.

On April 30 at 6 pm, “Green Book” will be playing at the Edgartown library for its Popcorn Movie Night. If you didn’t get to see this Oscar winner for Best Movie in the theaters, now is your chance to see it on a big screen. This movie is for adults only.

Head on over to the MV Ice Arena on Saturday, April 27, at 1 pm to cheer on the Martha’s Vineyard Mariners as they take on the Boston Bruins Alumni Team. This Ice Savours fundraising event will feature entertainment, including “Chuck a Puck,” raffle drawings, and so much more! General admission tickets are $20, $5 for kids under 6. All proceeds benefit the Martha’s Vineyard Ice Arena.

Happy birthday to Zoe Nugent and Warren Gaines, who celebrated their birthdays on April 23, to Judy Murray on April 24, and Melissa Vasiliadis and Stacy Ickes on April 25.

As I began writing this column, the Stop & Shop workers were still striking. I’m delighted that the negotiations were successful, and the strike ended before I even had the opportunity to finish the column. I know this was a very difficult time for so many. When is the last time any of us experienced a strike like this? I can’t even say for sure that I’ve ever seen one here. Strikes can provoke strong feelings, for or against unions and striking workers, and this was no different. But we made it through it, hopefully with minimal bad feelings. It will be interesting to see what the lasting effects are on people and their shopping choices now. I wonder if anyone will continue to shop at other stores now that they have done so during the strike.

While I’m very grateful that the strike is over, and I certainly wish they’d never have to happen, this was an amazing learning experience for my kids. While they probably touched upon the topics of unions and strikes more than once during their schooling, having it happen right here was a real-world lesson, which we all know are always more profound and long-lasting. They have a greater understanding of the topic, the fact that the workers here don’t work for a local company, and that, love them or hate them, our country’s labor laws that protect us are in place because of unions, and many of us work for entities that provide the protection of unions. It’s up to each one of us to decide where we come down on the topic, but it is imperative that we try to hold our opinions without hurting and insulting others. Which I guess can be said about all things.

On that note, I wish you a happy and healthy week ahead. And maybe a little less rain.