Real Estate Transactions: April 22 – 26, 2019



April 24, Laurence L. Langley, trustee of Bold Meadow Nominee Trust, sold 2 Bold Meadow Rd. to John P. McKenna and Sandra J. McKenna for $1,300,000.

Oak Bluffs

April 24, Linda G. Mason, trustee of Linda G. Mason Trust-2018, sold 21 Kennebec Ave., Unit 4, to Thomas P. Morrissey and Janis Morrissey for $555,000.


April 24, Mereda A. Gaither-Graves and Arlinda B. Graves, both individually and Arlinda Graves and Sharon Cady, trustees of the Ervin R. Graves & Mereda A. Gaither-Graves Irrevocable Trust, sold 89 Leonard Circle to Shawn C. Barber and Anna C. Barber for $555,000.

April 24, Marianne Maddalena, trustee of the Marianne Maddalena Nominee Trust, sold 37 Oak Tree Lane to Jo Ann Stringer and George Edward Murphy Jr. for $810,000.

April 24, John W. Harrer, trustee of the John W. Harrer Nominee Trust, sold a lot on Red Buoy Lane to Ellen Belcher, Martha Belcher, and Sara Belcher-Barnes for $278,000.

April 24, John W. Harrer and Leslie M. Dodge-Harrer sold 44 Red Buoy Lane to Charles L. Creighton, Donna L. Creighton, Charles R. Gilstad, and Idalyn L. Macchia-Gilstad for $722,000.