History lost


To the Editor:

Thank you for the front-page coverage of the Mill House in Vineyard Haven, and thank you, Margie Snow, for your letter to the editor (May 1, “History taken down”)..

I hope this draws more attention to what’s happening to the Vineyard Haven waterfront and Vineyard Haven in general.

The person who bought the Mill House also bought my father’s house, which stands behind it. My childhood bedroom faced the harbor, I looked out over the mill’s rooftop every day. I loved that place. There are photos of the mill when it sat on what was my family property. The story my dad heard was, my great-great grandfather would buy the lot if the mill was moved, so it was, downhill to its present location. The millstones were still there, used as steps.

Losing these Colonial homes is changing the town forever. The waterfront is starting to look like Edgartown Harbor, that’s fine for Edgartown, but is not in keeping with Tisbury. The homes around my parents were bought up, enlarged when they were already big. How much room do you really need? The first “improvement” made is always cutting all vegetation all the way to the beach. It’s not blocking their view. I just don’t get it.

Take a look when you’re on the ferry, what looks better, huge houses with porches two stories high, the length of the house, or a few old trees changing color with the seasons?

There is a saying in the contractors’ world: “Better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.”

Kathleen Tilton
West Tisbury