Pulling up weeds and cleaning up after geese


Over at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, students and chaperones enjoyed the gentle breeze, warm weather, and the great outdoors while vanquishing vines and raking up some pesky poop for their part in Give Back Day.

Felix Neck property manager Philip Hunsaker had students pull out bittersweet, an invasive vine that wraps itself around trees, blocks sunlight, and takes over. Last year, Hunsaker had students build a fence in the sanctuary’s parking lot.

Peter Vincent and Robert Dellatorre, both sophomores, were hard at work ripping out vines in an area overrun with bittersweet.

“It’s like a serial killer, but for trees,” Robert said.

Another important project was raking up goose droppings and moving furniture in preparation of the Youth Climate Summit on May 24. Students in grades 5 to 12 will have a full day of climate literacy, education, and communication.