Putting in the extra ef-fur-t


The Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard had some additional help Friday, as 10 Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School student volunteers gave the animals some love, and performed various chores around the facility as part of the school’s Give Back Day.

But for the students, hanging out at the shelter and helping the animals was hardly work at all — it was the leashed they could do.

One thing the volunteers did was help set up an awning so that the dogs could go outside on hot days and still remain cool in the shade.

After putting up the awning, students enjoyed snacks and spent time petting some cute animals.

Out back, Ellie Pate played with a fluffy rottweiler named Lola.

“It’s important to give the animals as much love as we can, because people who come here during the summer aren’t interested in adopting strays,” Ellie said.

Kaya Seiman worked the front desk, answering phone calls for adoption requests and donations. She said she has been volunteering at the animal shelter ever since she got her dog there 8 years ago,

“I love helping animals, especially ones that need social interaction the most,” Kaya said.

Kaya said she is a two season athlete, and is in Minnesingers, so it is sometimes difficult for her to find time to volunteer.

“But I always make time because I know how much they need our help,” Kaya said.

There was a bit of excitement during Friday’s volunteer effort that had nothing to do with the animals. As Kaya was taking the covers off some dog beds that were donated to the shelter so they could be washed, $800 in cash fluttered to the floor.

Assistant manager Gordon Healy said he is trying to get in touch with the woman who donated the beds to give her the money back.