Martha’s Vineyard Marathon brings hundreds to Island

MVRHS graduate takes victory in race.


Updated May 21

Hundreds of runners came to the Vineyard on Saturday to compete in the third annual Martha’s Vineyard Marathon, Half-Marathon and Two-Person Half-Marathon Relay.

Michael Schroeder of Charlotte, N.C., was the men’s and overall winner in the full 26.2-mile marathon. Schroeder, a Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School (MVRHS) and Davidson College graduate, led the field of 407 runners, crossing the finish line in 2:40:00, seven minutes in front of second-place Dan Chruniak (2:47:00). Samuel Jurek (2:52:57) was third, and Peter Hagemeyer (2:59:50) placed fourth.

The full course took runners from the start at MVRHS through the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest, down to Katama and back up Beach Road in Edgartown and Oak Bluffs to the finish line at Dennis Alley/Waban Park.

Joasia Zakrzewski was the women’s winner, and finished fifth overall in 3:02:42. Patrick Mangan (sixth, 3:02:48); Eric Wheeler (seventh, 3:03:55); Eric Charpentier (eighth, 3:04:54); Brian Studer (ninth, 3:05:14); and Richard Dravenstott (10th, 3:05:24) completed the overall top 10. Doug Herrett (3:08:01) was 11th, and William Flannigan (3:08:01) ran 12th.

Siobhan Flaherty was the women’s runner-up, and placed 13th overall, in 3:09:01. Rounding out the women’s top 10 were: 3. Lisa Kellndorfer (19th, 3:16:55); 4. Michael Therrien (26th, 3:23:51); 5. Lisa Keovongsa (27th, 3:24:04); 6. Lauren Tarvin (29th, 3:24:33); 7. Christine Howe (36th, 3:27:25); 8. Kimberly Hassett (37th, 3:28:21); 9. Kathrine Littlejohn (41st, 3:28:39); and 10. Josie Vazquez (45th, 3:29:29).

More than 1,200 runners competed in the Half-Marathon, which took a shorter route through the State Forest and left out the Katama portion of the full course, instead heading for Beach Road from the Triangle in Edgartown.

Ty Gill was the men’s and overall champ, clocking in at 1:19:22. Jacob Gurzler (1:21:30) was second, followed by Luke Beresford (third, 1:24:02); Matthew Jones (fourth, 1:24:06); Andres Ramos (fifth, 1:26:00); Matthew Werner (sixth, 1:26:57); Michael Brunoli (seventh, 1:27:05); and Gerry Atkinson (eighth, 1:28:30).

Women’s champ Dana Deingenis and runner-up Jessica Hall finished ninth and 10th overall with times of 1:29:51 and 1:30:38. Brianna Coolbeth (14th overall, 1:33:04) placed third among the women’s top 10, followed by 4. Caroline Jaschke (15th, 1:33:28); 5. Chelsie Kane (21st, 1:35:39); 6. Danielle Griffin (24th, 1:36:01); 7. Taylor MacDonald (29th, 1:38:08); 8. Kaitlin Shippy (34th, 1:39:10); 9. Linda Saccone (42nd, 1:40:36); and 10. Bryanna Allen-Rickstad (57th, 1:42:55).

De Zhi Huang (1:30:44) and Zack Decant (1:31:11) closed out the men’s top 10, finishing 11th and 12th overall.

In the Two-Person Half-Marathon Relay, 83 teams took part. Ace and Gray were the top men’s and overall team, finishing in 1:46:35, while team Nairi Strauch was the women’s champion and claimed second overall in 1:47:23.

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Updated with results from Saturday’s race.