Construction stalls at Harbor View’s Mayhew building

In January, a fire damaged the Governor Mayhew building at Harbor View Hotel. Recently, the building department issued a cease and desist on work to make repairs. - Brian Dowd

Edgartown building commissioner Lenny Jason ordered a cease and desist on construction at the Governor Mayhew Building, which is part of the Harbor View Hotel.

“You have exceeded the terms of your building permit, and you are hereby ordered to cease and desist from any further construction,” Jason wrote in a May 14 letter to Gerret Conover of Conover Restorations, who is in charge of the project.

Jason asked for a building permit application, required building plans, and construction control documents.

The building was damaged by a fire in January. In a conversation with the Times, Jason said the building permit was for fixing fire damage, replacing windows, and repairing bathrooms. When Jason walked in, the building had been torn down to bare studs.

Harbor View general manager Chris Bird told The Times he wasn’t sure when construction on the building would be complete, but said the Harbor View is working with Jason and the town.

“We’re working closely and cooperatively with the town to resolve that so that we can begin working,” Bird said.

Construction at the Governor Mayhew Building was part of the hotel’s $15 million renovation project. The Governor Mayhew Building will be renamed the Amity once reopened, according to Harbor View owner Bernard Chiu.