M-C Lamarre hits a home run with commissioned MLB artwork


Vineyard artist M-C Lamarre has wrapped up her work on a Fender guitar and Louisville Slugger that she was commissioned to paint in honor of the Boston Red Sox, to be featured during this year’s All-Star break in Cleveland, Ohio.

Lamarre reached out to contacts at the Red Sox to see if they would be interested in featuring her pieces, and they happily agreed to show them at their June 13 game at Fenway against the Texas Rangers, set to begin at 7:10 pm. Lamarre’s pieces will be on display somewhere on the concourse, she said, according to preliminary talks with the team, between 5:40 pm and the fourth inning of the game.

The bat and guitar feature Lamarre’s signature work, including her renowned rendering of the Green Monster. The Island’s “Green Monster lady” had to shrink her normal wall-size artwork to the circumference of a major league baseball bat, rising to the challenge in honor of the occasion — both pieces will honor the Green Monster in their own unique way, to pay homage to the Red Sox.

Lamarre’s work will be on display in Cleveland, Ohio, between July 6 and 9 in Public Square, and will be available for auction as a pair at mlb.com/auction July 5 through July 29.