West Tisbury: Plan for a picnic


I had just driven into the parking lot at Morning Glory Farm one day last week when I noticed a gentleman walking a beautiful and well-mannered black Lab toward the car next to mine. “Would you like to pet her?” he asked. As I did, the gentleman and I realized we knew each other. It was Tom Knight. We hadn’t seen each other in awhile. He and his wife, Suellen, had owned Nereus Knight, an excellent golden retriever–Lab cross who became the dear friend of my Talley, a dog of the same mix. Both are gone now. Tom and Suellen were smarter than I; they went right out and got a puppy. Galatea, named for a daughter of the Greek sea god Nereus, is heartbreakingly dear. She gave me puppy kisses and wagged her tail, quietly reminding me of Talley. She was just born a good dog. She is called Tea, pronounced Tee-ah. She will surely be well-known around town by the end of the summer.

The Saturday Farmers’ Market is in full swing. Wednesday markets will begin on June 19. Hours for both are 9 am to noon.

Welcome to West Tisbury’s newest resident. Zinnia Tide Turner Fischer was born on Sunday, May 26, at 8:49 pm. Her parents are Lila Fischer and Nic Turner, who declare themselves “In love” with their baby daughter. Of course they are.

I was sad to hear that Kathy Stevenson died last week. Besides being a lovely person, Kathy was an amazing gardener. She and Sam have a long driveway and a hill leading up to their house that was covered with more daffodils than I have ever seen. It was spectacular, and she was generous about showing it off to visitors and sending them home with an armful of flowers. Glad she got to see her daffodils this spring. My condolences to Sam and their family.

The West Tisbury Town Picnic is this Saturday, June 15. Town residents are invited to the Ag Hall between noon and 3:30 pm. There will be lemonade and water, music, games, hayrides, animals, and more. Bring your picnic lunch, a blanket or lawn chairs, dishes, utensils, napkins. Plan to “carry in, carry out” whatever you bring. Everyone is asked to bring a dessert to share. The rain date is Sunday, June 16.

Vineyard Gardens will present a program about Herb Gardens this Saturday, June 15, from 11 am to noon.

The Federated Church has invited Tom Hallahan, executive director of Hospice, to speak in the Meetinghouse after this Sunday’s 10:30 am service. The program is free, and anyone interested is invited.

At the library this week:

Thursday, June 13, 11:30 am, Lisa Gross will lead a GST Workshop. Sign-up is required, and participants are asked to bring their own yoga mat. Paul Garcia will present a slideshow from his trip to Myanmar at 4:30 pm.

Saturday, June 15, 10:30 am, Julie Prazich and Sara Rosenthal will give a Monotype Workshop for adults and teens over 12 years old. Basic materials will be provided, but attendees may bring some natural material like leaves, ferns, or flowers to work with. Sign up ahead, or drop in. At 3:30 pm, Tom Dresser will read from and discuss his new book, “A Travel History of Martha’s Vineyard,” about how changes in ways to travel affected the Vineyard.

Monday, June 17, 11:30 am, Kanta Lipsky will teach a Balance Workshop. At 7 pm, WMVY’s Dave Kish will show a jazz documentary and lead a discussion after the film.

Tuesday, June 18, 4:30 pm, Bruce MacNelly will give a presentation about architecture.

Wednesday, June 19, 4:30 pm, Martha Abbot will talk about Shamanism.

Thursday, June 20, 4:30 pm, Donald Nitchie and Fan Ogilvie will lead a drop-in poetry workshop.

I have noticed that the ticks are noticeably worse already this season. Mike hasn’t taken Nan on her usual beach walks since she came back to the truck covered with ticks. I have found several on me just from working around our yard. The pollen seems worse, too. Everyone I know is complaining of stuffy noses, headaches, itchy eyes, and cars covered in a sticky, yellow film every morning. It seems unfair that the weather has finally gotten nice but it’s so unpleasant to be outside.

A correction from last week’s column. Our cat, Mona, is 19 years old, not 10. She’s still being a bully, however.