Plastic Free MV peddles ban in Edgartown

Quinlan Slavin, standing up, speaks for Plastic Free MV as they present a proposed bylaw to Edgartown board of selectmen. - Rich Saltzberg

The kid posse from Plastic Free MV went before Edgartown selectmen Monday afternoon to promote a ban of soda and water bottles of 34 ounces and under. The young advocates of Plastic Free MV swept the up-Island towns, scoring a hat trick of bans commencing with West Tisbury’s, which may have been the first of its kind in North America. They’ve now pitched the selectmen of the three down-Island towns, and in the case of Oak Bluffs and Tisbury ,found receptive boards that asked for more information and ramped up community outreach.

Quinlan Slavin of Chilmark gave a brief description of the proposed ban to the selectmen.

Selectman Art Smadbeck thanked Plastic Free MV for coming, and asked them to set a meeting with the Edgartown Board of Trade. Smadbeck said the board would put the ban on next year’s town meeting warrant. He suggested Plastic Free MV report back to the selectmen after conferring with the Edgartown Board of Trade.

In Edgartown, selectman Michael Donaroma said, the ban may constitute a zoning change and therefore may necessitate review by the planning board. He said a hearing would perhaps be convened.

As a whole, the board wished the kids assembled before them well.

“So good luck,” Smadbeck said.


  1. Hay kids, do some real homework and research exactly what would happen if all plastic was banned from your homes, schools and our country?
    Say good bye to your play stations, I-phones and toys as they would again be made of metal, wood, cardboard, and cloth. The demand for wood and paper products would skyrocket, increasing the pressure on forest ecology, good bye all our trees.
    You would want us to have to dig up the millions of miles of plastic pipes that carry clean water, gas, electricity and optic fibers and replace them with what LEAD pipes or start using lead & copper again?
    Stop listening to AOC and your teachers, the world really is not going to end in 12 years because of plastic straws and cow farts!
    This is just one reason I always vote against school funding some of the other reasons you will just have to imagine.

    • tis native “Hay” is what cows eat and eventually produces methane gas , which 95% of is expelled through belching.
      Do some real homework.

  2. tis native– no one is talking about banning all plastic– your rant about banning all plastic is typical of right wing extremism. Not grounded in reality at all– Not surprising that you would vote against educating our children.

  3. Regarding the plastic bottle ban, has anyone considered that this is an ineffective way to rid the Island of single serve plastic bottles. How does this bylaw prohibit online retailers like Amazon, BJ’s, Costco, Walmart or Target from shipping a case of bottled water, gatorade, coke or pepsi to a homeowner or short term renter here on the Island? The bylaw seems discriminatory and unfairly restricts the rights of small brick and mortar businesses to compete on an even playing field. Would a state wide bottle deposit like the ones already in effect in Hawaii, New York, Connecticut, California, Maine and Oregon make more sense? Food/drink for thought.

  4. Pro Small Business = See how crazy of a idea it is making this little kids run around freaking out.
    Recycle and strictly enforce all littering and illegal dumping laws & bylaws. End of Story!
    dondondon12 – you left wing man for AOC, it starts as straws and that opens the door to everything else to save our lives. I read your book!

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