Cooking up a fabulous event


To the Editor:

If you happened to be strolling up Circuit Avenue last Sunday and heard the nightingale voice of Rose Guerin and the ivories being mastered by Jeremy Berlin pouring out of the Ritz Cafe, and you didn’t have the time to come in, you missed a great pop-up brunch!

Friends of Family Planning board member Molly Stevens and her partner, Olivia Pattison, brainstormed together and hatched this wonderful idea for an event to support Friends of Family Planning and the Health Imperatives Clinic here on-Island.

Bravo, ladies! People loved your cooking, the music, the service, and the cause. We raised some helpful dollars for our Monthly Tide, End Period Poverty project and, from my vantage point, everyone was having a grand time.

No event happens without partnership and benefactors, and I would like to offer a public thanks to the many people who worked hard and made this fun brunch possible. Kelly Feirtag of the Ritz, Anson Mills, Chilmark Coffee, Cinnamon Starship, the Larder, Morning Glory Farm, Georgia Macon, pastry chef, Flo Alexander and the waitresses of the Ritz, Max Gibbs, kitchen King, and Janey Sobel, kitchen Princess, Rose Guerin and Jeremy Berlin, our wonderful jazz musicians, Friends’ board members Susan Desmaris, Regan Goldstein, and clinic program director Betsy Edge, who came to sell pastries and talk about our programs, and last but mostly, thanks to Olivia Pattison, kitchen Queen, for her amazing ease at the stove creating such delicious dishes. My breakfast was delicious; I just wish I had been hungry enough to have one of those hamburgers I saw you serve at 1:30!

My heartfelt thanks to you all for a fabulous event!


Terre D. Young, president
Friends of Family Planning