Crawlspace fire contaminates Tisbury home

A fire in the crawl space of this home at Wyndah Circle in Tisbury caused enough damage to make the house uninhabitable. - Rich Saltzberg

Tisbury firefighters responded to a structure fire on Winyah Circle at just after 5 am Monday. Smoke woke the homeowners up, Tisbury Fire Chief John Schilling said, and soon after, their smoke alarms sounded. The fire self-extinguished by the time firefighters entered the home, Schilling said: “Basically, [it] snuffed itself out by consuming all the oxygen.”

Some joints were charred, PVC pipes melted, wiring destroyed, and insulation contaminated in the crawl space where the fire took place, Schilling said.

The house is polluted with soot and noxious vapors, and no longer has electricity or hot water, he said, and is therefore uninhabitable.

Several other towns provided mutual aid responses to the scene.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, Schilling said.