Trailer mishap gums up Menemsha

Crews work to right a bicycle trailer that tipped over in Menemsha Thursday. - Photo courtesy Craig MacCormack

A bicycle trailer overturned in Menemsha on Thursday, June 27, clogging traffic on Basin Road. Nobody was injured, Chilmark Police Chief Jonathan Klaren told The Times. 

“It appears that as the truck and trailer were coming around the Basin Road corner at Crick Hill Road entering Menemsha yesterday at 1:34 pm, the trailer’s right-side tire ran over a rock on the shoulder of the road,” Klaren wrote in an email. “This tipped the trailer to the left and the forward momentum of the truck going around the corner pulled the trailer over onto its side. The box trailer was able to be righted with minimal damage, and was driven away.”

The accident blocked the majority of the road for about two hours, Menemsha Texaco co-owner Marshall Carrol said. The driver wasn’t issued any citations, Klaren said. 

Insignia on the side of the trailer indicated it was from Vermont Bicycle Tours. Eric Deziel, vice president of sales and marketing for Vermont Bicycle Tours, declined comment on the incident. Asked by The Times if his company was licensed to operate in Chilmark, Deziel said,

“I don’t know,” but added he didn’t have any reason to believe the company wasn’t licensed.

Tour vans and minibus traffic have repeatedly been an issue in Menemsha where, during the season, vehicular space is sparse and foot traffic is heavy. Chilmark town administrator Tim Carroll said Vermont Bicycle Tours has been coming to Chilmark for years, and because they’re an out-of-state charter as opposed to an on-Island ticketed tour, they are in a different category. 

“I don’t believe they’re required to,” he said, of having a street license from the selectmen.