In support of VTA bus drivers


To the Editor:

I write to The Martha’s Vineyard Times in favor and support of the VTA drivers, now on strike. I will make one quick point for the reader of this letter: It is understood that some (or maybe all) drivers have not received a raise in five years. I submit that it is anti-American and unpatriotic, as it helps tear out the heart of the American Dream simply by refusing to improve the wages of employees to reach that success. What we are seeing is not what this country is about on its best foot, and the company should rightly be shamed publicly for contributing to the continued sliding back of what makes America a wonderful country: the ability to achieve a life free from economic stress when one does honest work. To the company representatives this letter may reach: You are stomping on the core American principles of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” for the VTA drivers. May it be known far and wide that your take on how to do business with your fellow Americans is a poor reflection on your patriotism as an American-led company, and it speaks volumes to lack of American values of the executives.

Dean Rosenthal