Drivers appreciate the strong show of support


To the Editor:

On behalf of all my fellow striking bus drivers, we would like to thank all those in attendance at Mayor Pete’s fundraiser. 

When we as a group walked down the aisle in the auditorium, we were greeted with thunderous applause, people shouting and waving signs. It was then that reality hit us that this expression and reception was for us. As the applause continued, our emotions got the best of us and the tears started to flow.

Thank you all for your show of love and support. Be assured that although VTA and TCI have our taxpayer money to continue the spite, we are united and determined to continue on our own way.

We would also like to thank the thousands of people who supported our drivers who appeared in the Fourth of July parade. Also thanks to the following: the Food Pantry for their offer to help if we need food for our families, the many people who have given water, doughnuts, and many other goodies to our strikers, to many who have written letters of support to the newspapers, to the many politicians who support our cause, and to Representative Fernandes, who actually picketed with us, and finally to the ATU; without their support we would not be able to continue. 

When we announced that we were going on strike, I informed management that unless we got a ratified contract that I would not return to drive for the VTA. Should that be the case, I would like to thank all the people who have ridden with me and all the drivers with me for the past 20 years. I will truly miss all of you; bless you all.

On behalf of all our dedicated striking drivers,


Roland Goulart, VTA driver
Oak Bluffs