Special diet? No problem.

Island restaurants have got you covered.


Martha’s Vineyard is well known for its fresh seafood, free-range livestock, and the abundant turkeys in the crosswalks. However, with many summer and year-round residents with specific dietary restrictions, we thought it would be a good idea to round up some of our favorite options. We chose these restaurants based on popularity, use of local ingredients, quality, ambiance, and inclusion of dietary labels on menus. Some of the following are specialized to serve a specific customer base, and others have multiple specialty dishes within a menu serving a broader range of tastes.



As an island with a robust fishing community, there are naturally many places where a fish lover can eat fresh catch. Here is what we have in our net. 

  • 19 Raw, 19 Church St., Edgartown, 19rawoysterbar.com — This upscale restaurant is known for its fresh oysters, but their other dishes are pretty “shucking amazing” too.
  • Beach Road Restaurant, 79 Beach Rd., Vineyard Haven, beachroadmv.com — $1 oysters every day
  • Net Result, 79 Beach Rd., Vineyard Haven, mvseafood.comEvery Island ichthyophile knows that this is the place to get fresh fish, as well as sushi rolls and other bites.
  • Larsen’s Fish Market, 59 Basin Rd., Chilmark, larsensfishmarket.com — Fresh lobster on the docks? Paradise! 



With fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, cheese, and honey incorporated into menus all summer long, these Island restaurants are an exciting place for veggie lovers.

  • Little House Cafe, 339 State Rd., Vineyard Haven, littlehousemv.com — The Indonesian Gado Gado salad is a filling and delicious favorite.
  • Art Cliff, 38 Beach Rd., Vineyard Haven, artcliffdiner.com — Art Cliff’s huge menu accommodates any dietary need, and they are receptive to requests.
  • Red Cat Kitchen, 14 Kennebec Ave., Oak Bluffs, redcatkitchen.com — Their veggie burger is one of the best on the Island. 
  • Lucky Hank’s, 218 Upper Main St., Edgartown, luckyhanksmv.com — The Farm Share plate is laden with the seasonal local harvest of the week.



For the growing number of herbivores among us, Martha’s Vineyard restaurants have stepped up their game to offer a variety of vegan dishes.

  • Scottish Bakehouse, 342 State Rd., Vineyard Haven, scottishbakehousemv.com — They have several vegan pastries and a customizable plate option with a large variety of ingredients to choose from.
  • Juice by the Sea, 79 Beach Rd., Vineyard Haven, juicebytheseamv.com — The only all-vegan restaurant on the Island, they have yummy menu items like the Chickpea Curry Rice Bowl that I keep ordering for lunch.
  • Port Hunter, 55 Main St., Edgartown, theporthunter.com — They have an entire separate menu with vegan and vegetarian options. Their Vegetabowl is a huge, tasty portion.
  • MV Salads, 55 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs, mvsalads.com — This new place has a great variety of fruits, veggies, and nuts to toss into your salad.



While there are very few restaurants with an entire gluten-free facility on-Island, there are many that have a broad selection of options. Here are some favorites from gluten-free friends.

  • Rosewater, 20 South Summer St., Edgartown, rosewatermv.com — All breads, including gluten-free, are baked fresh daily in their kitchen.
  • 7a Foods, 1045 State Rd., West Tisbury, 7afoods.com — Their awardwinning menu items come in gluten-free options too.
  • Espresso Love Café, 17 Church St., Edgartown, espressolove.com — Gluten-free bread substitutions are available for all their menu items. 
  • Backyard Taco, 32 Winter St., Edgartown — All of their tacos can be turned into a rice bowl for only $4 extra.