‘We are Americans, not kidnappers’

Vigil held in Edgartown as part of effort to shine the light on detention centers.


Holding candles and signs, dozens of residents and visitors rallied at Cannonball Park in Edgartown against the treatment of detainees at the southern border of the U.S. “We are Americans, not kidnappers,” one sign read.

“Love, not hate,” read another.

Friday’s event was one of 760 across the country to show solidarity with migrants suffering what some have called human rights abuses at U.S.-Mexico border detention centers. The events, held on the same day in cities across five continents, were organized by Lights for Liberty, an organization dedicated to promoting freedom for all people.

The event was co-sponsored by Indivisible Martha’s Vineyard, a political action group spearheaded by year-round resident Carla Cooper. Cooper founded the Vineyard chapter of the liberal-leaning group in January 2017 in response to the change in federal administration. 

In an interview before the event, Cooper said, “We need to be visible even in remote places. Because we don’t live in a bubble anymore. The more voices and people that are involved in this, the bigger the impact.”

Reports from national media outlets have called the detention centers “squalid,” “overcrowded,” and “dangerous.”

As reported by the New York Times, a recent lawsuit against the Trump administration called into question the state of a particular center located in Clint, Texas. A Justice Department lawyer fought back against a 1997 legal settlement, arguing that amenities such as soap and toothbrushes should not be mandatory. All three judges on the case retaliated, and argued that these items fell under the statute of “safe and sanitary” conditions for migrants in temporary holding.



  1. These “concentration camps” were built by the Obama administration. I just wonder if these people arrived home after this protest and there were illegal aliens in their living room what would the reaction be? I’m guessing they’d call the cops. Such dishonest virtue signalers.

  2. maybe if these people came here legally, and stood in line with everyone else we wouldn’t have this problem.
    Too many people trying to game the system and get a free ride.

    • Trump and the wealthy game the system too”Basically I’ve used the laws of the country to my advantage and to other people’s advantage just as Leon Black has, Carl Icahn, Henry Kravis has, just as many, many others on top of the business world have.”. I dont think the creators of those laws had those intentions. 4 bankruptcies is a bit much.

  3. Here’s a thought: In this country, people who are citizens or illegally here who break the law go to jail. If you come here illegally, which is a CHOICE you made, you’ll end up in a detention center. If you don’t like the ‘lodging’ then stay in your home country and apply at the embassy the LEGAL way before you jump the fence.. These ”caring” limousine liberals who FUND the illegal caravans from central America and pay for the food, buses, and lodging along the way should put these illegals in the Ritz Carleton hotels so they don’t have to ‘suffer”. The only ”kidnappers” are the rich left wing limousine liberals using these poor foreigners as ”pawns” to try and make political hay. Since we are a country of immigrants, the LEGAL ones who made American succeed won’t fall for this BS.

      • Speak with a holocaust survivor to comprehend what a concentration camp is. Since you can’t play punctuation police this time, try a dictionary and look it up.

        • I had a friend with the 45th Infantry Division, he was there when they became the first Americans to liberate a concentration camp. The synagogue a block from where I live had a survivor in their congregation. I am happy to not have gotten any closer and I am satisfied I understand your preferences on the subject.

    • not new here —-thirty more times— getting to the United States border and requesting asylum is legal.
      That means it is not illegal.
      Refusing to process that request is illegal. Any questions ?

      • Now, I’m confused. Are people being put into “concentration camps” for applying legally for citizenship at the border or are they detained in cells after being caught attempting illegal entry? Is our government refusing to process citizenship requests, or are they doing it in what some may consider a not particularly timely fashion? I believe separating children from parents is inhuman. I also believe we are a nation of laws and all existing laws must be followed or none of them will mean a thing. Entering our country illegally is a crime. If you don’t like it, make sure to vote every time you can.

  4. Anyone in the crowd who lived on the Island 30 years ago should look back and reflect. What did they miss and how they could have done better. The migration of good Brazilian nationals found work here alright. Unethical business leaders and landlords took advantage of them. An underground society quickly developed fearful of the police. I had many conversations with Rep. Delahunt’s office. DC powerbrokers were too powerful. The Vineyard is but a snapshot of the illegal alien crisis in America. It was only a matter of time…blame the inside the Beltway enablers.

  5. dondondon12 providing false information and pretended to be eligible is illegal. Living in a dump of a country isn’t grounds for refugee status. And getting to the border is quite different from climbing a fence and entering illegally.There’s the answer to your question.

    • I’m wondering how this administration can say refugees provided false information if they can’t even keep children with their parents. You profess a knowledge of CBP documentation, enlighten us.

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