Tisbury: July traffic


Heard on Main Street: Why do I have to press 1 for English when they will just transfer me to someone I can’t understand anyway?

A wonderfully absurd comedy called “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike” runs through August 3 at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse. Shakespeare Out of Doors is open at the Tisbury Amphitheater: “The Winter’s Tale” runs through August 11. Tickets at the door on the day of performance. 

Once our beautiful summer began with the proper amount of sunshine, you’ve heard nothing but how glorious the weather is. Usually by this time we are complaining about the heat and humidity. If it is the result of global warming, I guess I should hope it does not continue. But I shall never complain about those lovely days when the humidity is lower. It certainly makes it easier to deal with the heavy days.

My big complaint about this year’s summer is that the July traffic is simply too much. My memory is that in the past there were times when there were fewer cars on the road. But this year State Road and Main Street have been impossible. Of course, it takes a while for my brain to factor in that the ferries coming into Oak Bluffs means the ferry traffic arrives about half an hour later. Except it never seems to falter. This year getting onto State Road can’t be done in late morning. I used to expect the worst during August. This year we seemed to suddenly have both August and July cars on the roads. Especially when I want to go somewhere.

I don’t mind shopping for groceries early in the day. There are more opportunities to find what you want, which may disappear from the shelves by afternoon. And the weather is so lovely early on a summer’s day.

The Blueberry Festival at the West Tisbury Church is this Saturday, July 20, from noon to 4 pm. When is the last time you had blueberry-peach cobbler? There’s vintage jewelry and a table of attic treasures as well as blueberry-pomegranate smoothies. All proceeds help the church and the Island community.

The Gala Concert of the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber Music Society will be Monday, July 29, at 7:30 pm at the Whaling Church in Edgartown. Get your tickets now. This is a special celebration to benefit the society’s extraordinary contribution to the Island’s musical life over the last half-century. All of the musicians are generously donating their time and talent.

The program features the cast of this summer’s Wendy Taucher Dance Opera Theater’s production of Johann Strauss’ “Die Fledermaus” alongside familiar performers, talented singers who call our Island home and have performed on major opera stages across the country.

The evening will be filled with beloved works from opera and musical theater, promising to bring a smile to your face and leave a song in your heart, and will help the society continue to provide instruments to young musicians on the Island.

This month the Vineyard Haven library’s art gallery on the lower level features photographs from Media Voices for Children’s Beneath the Barcode project. This is a documentary photo exhibit to raise your attention to the impact of our economic choices on children.

The pictures reveal child labor found in poorer parts of the world and across the U.S. This is your chance to see how children factor into the production, transport, manufacturing, refining, and distribution of all the things we eat and buy and use. There are scenes from dumpsites in Indonesia and commercial farms in Texas. More at mediavoicesforchildren.org/btb.

You can register online or call the V.H. library to sign up for the fall study of “Fictions of the Law.” Philip Weinstein will help you examine three classic novels, Dickens’ “Bleak House,” Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment,” and Kafka’s “The Trial.” Prof. Weinstein suggests you read the novels in advance. The free seminars will be Wednesday evenings at the Cornell Theater. You must sign up in advance at the front desk of the library. 

Happy anniversary to Eric and Susan Lopes, who celebrate on Monday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Linda Kurth.

Heard on Main Street: I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it.