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Real Estate Confidential is a weekly chit-chat about new listings, sales, or other insider info on the Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate market, by Fred Roven, Martha’s Vineyard Buyer Agents. It appears each Friday in The Minute.

So, let’s review. You have been talking about the concept of buying a home on Martha’s Vineyard for years. You have many reasons: a place to call your own as an Island resident; a vacation home for you and your family; a second home with Island amenities; an investment with the added benefit of an Island getaway; or to add to your portfolio with the current investor preference of rental income. You have considered price, location and family needs. It is time to decide on want amenities your purchase requires to fulfill your Island dream.

Nothing quite compares to the look and feel of the clean slate that is new construction. Rather than expanding on someone else’s dream, you start your own. One of the advantages of moving into a new home is you can indulge your personal tastes. New home layouts feature more open spaces and the expansive feel of an open floor plan with large windows to bring the outside in. A few to choose from can be found at What’s New on Martha’s Vineyard.

Although the increased rental income may be a reason to have a pool, I believe the top reason buyers want pools is the family time it provides. With new technologies pulling us in multiple directions, a pool provides a place to gather with family and friends for a day of fun. And, oh those parties. Martha’s Vineyard Homes with Pools has a partial list on which to dream.

You only need to check out the down-Island harbors to know boating makes Martha’s Vineyard a top destination for families with boats of any and all varieties. If sailing is your passion, what could be better than your own deep-water dock. As environmental concerns continue to grow, building a dock can be a permitting nightmare. The ideal solution is choosing from Martha’s Vineyard Homes with Docks

Scrolling through the dramatic photos can help you decide if Martha’s Vineyard Homes with Sunsets are perfect for you. Better yet, have your buyer agent take you by a few late in the day and relax on a spacious patio with views that go on forever.

For many buyers, propping your feet up in front of a wood burning fireplace, wine glass close by, a dog at your feet, and a favorite new mystery novel in hand is top of the list for “must haves.” In a beachside cottage, a fireplace can take the chill off a cool autumn night. How about entertaining on a patio with a fireplace, including a fully furnished seating and dining area plus an expansive grilling area. These amenities and more can be found in Homes with Fireplaces.

Martha’s Vineyard is the definition of Island beauty and fortunately for luxury home buyers, offers a selection of locations that are all considered “prime” by different groups of residents. Whether you are looking for a large expanse of land with your own private beach, harborfront in a down-Island community, a fully restored antique on an inland pond or open ocean views over hilly pastures, all requirements can be found in Luxury Waterfront Homes.

In the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association you can step back in time and live in a National Historic Landmark. The original architectural form of the homes, most of which were built from 1860 to 1880, was a new American building type; the “Martha’s Vineyard cottage” with its gingerbread trim, front and back rooms, and distinctive double doors. A true community feel finds residents sitting on their front porches chatting with neighbors as well as passersby and showing off their homes on Illumination Night. 

And there are those of you who have decided on an antique. Historical homes have numerous benefits, including they are aesthetically pleasing with unmatched architecture, you will get to live in a piece of your town’s history, and historic districts often have a strong sense of community where residents care about their homes and neighborhoods. Many farm house on large expenses of up island land just await your personal touch. These possibilities await in Antique Homes of Martha’s Vineyard.

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