Bridge Results


At the July 15, 1:15 pm game of the Edgartown Bridge Club, 14 tables were in play. First place in the North-South direction went to Rachel Alpert and Barbara McLagan, followed by Sandy and Michael Lindheimer in second, Barbara Silk and Dave Donald in third, Bea Phear and Mollie Whalen in fourth, and Bill Blakesley and Linda Schapiro in fifth place. Tied for sixth place were Carol Butler, playing with Iris Capobianco, and John O’Keefe, playing with Rich Peia. In the East-West direction, Story Osborne and Ned Brooks finished first, followed by Lolly Hand and Diane Drake in second, Ann Brown and Audrey Egger in third, Barbara Besse and Wink Winkelman in fourth, George and Isabel Shattuck in fifth, and Judy Spruance and Sergio Dechiara in sixth place.

Twelve pairs competed at the July 16, 7 pm game of the Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club in Vineyard Haven. First place overall went to John O’Keefe and Andy Jacknain, followed by Carol Whitmarsh and Deirdre Ling in second. Finishing in a tie for third place were Story Osborne, playing with Michael Lindheimer, and Barbara Besse, playing with Sandy Lindheimer. And tied for fifth place where Linda Schapiro, playing with Bill Blakesley, and Dave Donald, playing with Michel Riel

At the July 18, 7 pm game at the Island Bridge Club in West Tisbury, 12 pairs competed. First place overall went to Carol Whitmarsh and Bari Boyer. Finishing in a tie for second place were Mollie Whalen, playing with Dave Donald, and Barbara Silk, playing with Bea Phear. Then fourth place went to John O’Keefe and Andy Jacknain, while fifth place went to Ency and Robert Fokos.

And at the July 20, 9:30 game of the Bridge Club of Martha’s Vineyard, six tables were in play. Finishing in first place in the North-South direction were Cheryl Neal and Tillie Foster, followed by Lindsay Eakin and Carol Butler in second. For East-West pairs, Barbara Alleyne and Trudy Ulmer finished first, followed by Ann Brown and Diane Wendy in second.