Putting safety at risk


To the Editor:

Last Sunday at 2:40 pm I was riding my bike along the State Road across from Polly Hill Arboretum in West Tisbury. I was nearly sideswiped by a VTA bus with No. 71 on it, going way over the speed limit. Not only was it scary, it was dangerous. The bus was going so fast that then the driver had to slam on the brakes when the bus came upon a car driving at normal speed.  

I mentioned my experience to a police officer, who told me that there have been a number of dangerous incidents by the temporary drivers, including the running of stop signs. We cannot be an Island where this is acceptable.

This has gone on too long. Our drivers deserve a resolution on this, and we need them back at work. Please, VTA board, agree to binding arbitration, get to the table, and work this out.


Kate Warner
West Tisbury