Island rallies for fundraiser


To the Editor:

For the past 15 years, Chilmark has been my home. I know that, for an Island-born resident, I am a dripping wet wash-ashore, but these 96 square miles have been good to me. Last Wednesday, Kara Taylor hosted a fundraiser at her gallery that benefited my daughter’s organization, the Leo Project. 

On July 2, Rich Saltzberg had written an article in The MV Times about her project, and the path that led to its fruition. I was so humbled by the graciousness and kindness of my Island home, which jumped right in to help prepare for this event. Amy Brenneman spoke, Chilmark Coffee Co. brought their truck and kindly donated nitro cold brew and oat milk lattes, the Grey Barn, Cathy Walthers, the Kitchen Porch, and the Beach Plum Inn helped with hors d’oeuvres, the sound of drummers filled the balmy night sky, and AV and a projection screen were all donated.

We asked many Island businesses for contributions for the silent auction, and I was so touched by their kindness, their willingness to say yes without skipping a beat. They didn’t know my daughter, and many didn’t know me. I asked Traeger Di Pietro if he would consider donating a painting, and his response was immediate and filled with glee — “Of course I will. I would love to!” At times, I was left in tears, hugging people who were filling my heart. The night was a huge success. Everyone that came and bought a ticket, we thank you. To all of the silent auction contributors, thank you. The night had a magical element to it, all brought together by the sheer goodness of people here. I feel so fortunate to live on this Island. It made me feel even more deeply part of a community. Where we live is so unique, and we are already looking forward to next summer. 

Thank you Island from the bottom of my heart,

Stephanie Danforth