Injured Vineyarder makes ‘miraculous’ recovery

Isaac Higgins is walking and talking after traumatic brain injury.

Isaac Higgins is making a speedy recovery in Spaulding Rehabilitation Center. Courtesy Karen Blake-Robinson.

Isaac Higgins, an Island man who suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling from a car roof in June, is now walking and talking. Higgins’ aunt, Karen Blake-Robinson, called the rapid recovery “an absolute miracle.”

“Originally, in the first meeting we had with doctors, they said he might never come out of his coma, and that he might never walk again. They said even if he wakes up, they had no idea what to expect,” Blake-Robinson said. “I don’t think the doctors ever thought he would be where he is now — they thought he would be severely disabled.”

But Blake-Robinson said she told doctors in the meeting that ‘God will heal him from this,’ and that she was confident he would make a full recovery. 

“Isaac has been progressing so quickly, we can’t even keep up. He is able to walk on his own, sometimes with people guiding him. He is holding full conversations, eating regular food, and watching his favorite television shows,” Blake-Robinson said. 

Higgins’ family visits him constantly, and according to Blake-Robinson, even sometimes treat him to his favorite foods like KFC Famous Bowls. “We bring him things that make him feel more at home and more comfortable,” Blake-Robinson said.

Although Higgins occasionally gets confused, Blake-Robinson said his cognition is “really good,” and based on his next brain scan, the doctors will set a discharge date so he can return home to the Island. “We are hoping it is sometime in August, but we can’t be sure till his next MRI,” Blake-Robinson said. 

Higgins was moved from Mass. General Hospital to Spaulding Rehabilitation Center two weeks ago. One week ago, his electrolarynx allowing him to speak was removed, and he was able to speak on his own. 

Blake-Robinson said most recently, he was able to walk around his hospital room, and even went outside to get some sun.

“Isaac is the biggest fighter I know. He is still the same fun-loving, happy-go-lucky Isaac. His personality and positive attitude haven’t changed,” Blake-Robinson said.

The GoFundMe page dedicated to Higgins’ recovery is still up, and Blake-Robinson said any contribution is greatly appreciated by Higgins and his family.

Currently, the page has raised almost $9,000 of the total $20,000 goal, since the page was created on July 1. 

The Higgins family has created wristbands and shirts reading “Isaac Strong” that are available for purchase on the GoFundMe page. 

“We know the community wants to help, so we wanted to create something tangible that people can have to support Isaac in his recovery,” Blake-Robinson said. 

As of now, Blake-Robinson said Higgins is looking forward to being released, and returning to his Island home, where his friends and precious dogs await.