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Station Menemsha aids boaters off Nomans

Station Menemsha aids boaters off Nomans
Station Menemsha Coasties tow disabled boaters on Saturday. — Courtesy Station Menemsha

Station Menemsha Coasties in a 24-foot shallow water patrol craft came to the aid of boaters from Apponagansett midday Saturday after they became disabled near Nomans Land. While the Coast Guard generally lets commercial outfits like Sea Tow and TowBoat US handle disabled vessels not in distress, Station Menemsha Officer in Charge Senior Chief Justin Longval said commercial help didn’t come to the Apponagansett boaters. Sector Southeast New England notified the patrol craft crew, who were already on the water in the vicinity of Squibnocket, and they came to the boaters’ aid. The boaters’ 23-foot center console had a dead battery and engine problems. The crew towed them to Menemsha, a nearly two-hour journey, Longval noted. There Menemsha Coasties, ever proficient in marine mechanics, stepped up and both recharged the boat’s battery and tinkered with the engine until it worked properly. The crew then escorted the boaters to Buzzards Bay. 

That evening the trawler Susan Rose ducked into Menemsha to repair a broken waterline, according to harbormaster Ryan Rossi. The trawler was a big presence in the harbor, Longval said. In order to safely get the trawler into the Menemsha Channel so it could exit the harbor after it was repaired, Station Menemsha tugged it away from the dock with a motor lifeboat, Longval said.