Rock n’ roll over to Woods Hole

A still from the documentary, which features Peter Simon's photography. –Peter Simon

If you miss Peter Simon — and you know we do — you can get a taste of his photography and see him on screen at the Woods Hole Film Festival.

Simon, and particularly his photography, plays a central role in “WBCN and The American Revolution,” a documentary by Bill Lichtenstein about the “Rock of Boston.” 

The film was shown at the Woods Hole Film Festival Monday. It’s one of three films being given an encore for the second weekend, Judy Laster, executive director of the festival, told The Times. (I saw it Monday and if you liked Peter’s work and you’re interested at all in the anti-war movement in 1968 and the music of that era, you’ll love it. It’s worth the ferry ride.) It will be shown at 5 pm at the Speck Auditorium at Marine Biological Laboratories Rowe Building. Tickets are $14, $12 for members, $10 for military/students. Tickets to Saturday’s show are available at

Lichtenstein called Simon a great friend of WBCN. Simon’s photos from the anti-war protests are well known. Lichtenstein recalled going out on a shoot with him during the first women’s march in Boston in 2017. “I grabbed a camera and went out with him. I shoot for fun and a little bit for work I do. He’d see something and frame in a way that was breathtaking,” Lichtenstein said. “It’s amazing how good his eye was and how sensitive he was.”

We’ll have more on our interview with Lichtenstein about the WBCN movie in a future story, but wanted to let you know about the chance to see the film close to home Saturday. Lichtenstein said he is working on bringing the film to Martha’s Vineyard, but no date has been set.