Help wanted: Trash kids, Ag Fair volunteers


Island Grown Initiative is searching for volunteers of all ages to assist with refuse handling at the upcoming annual Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair. 

Volunteers will help the Ag Fair toward its goal of reducing landfill waste and diverting food waste to composting. Last year, as hard as the waste station volunteers worked, 17,220 pounds of trash were still dumped in the landfill. The Ag Society, in partnership with IGI and Vineyard Conservation Society, is looking to beat that number.

Interested parties can choose to sign up to be a kids green team waste worker, or “Trash Kid,” as it has been affectionately termed over the years, or an adult waste station volunteer. The roles entail sorting through the cups, napkins, leftover food scraps, and everything in between, and placing them into the correct bins — compost, recycling, or trash. Volunteers will work at one of several waste station tents set up around the fairgrounds.

Young workers will be paid $6 per hour, and work in three-hour shifts, along with free entry to the fair and a T shirt. The adult position is unpaid, but volunteer compensation includes free entry to the fair during shift times, and a volunteer T shirt.

Island Grown Initiative is taking other steps to help fair attendees produce less waste, such as encouraging people to bring their own utensils, plateware, and cups; taking away trash cans to direct people to waste stations; and recommending compostable plateware brands to fair vendors. However, the Ag Fair grounds will not stay clean and IGI will not reach its goal without the help of waste station volunteers. Sign up at


  1. I never liked work when I was a kid. I know one thing…that headline wouldn’t have had me springing off the couch and running down to apply.

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