Asking too much 


To the Editor:

I’m writing with regard to Caroline Kennedy selling her mother’s beach home in Aquinnah for $65 million. Being that she is the daughter of a president, the former ambassador to Japan, and the recipient of her mother’s estate, it really begs the question, How much privilege does one person/family need? She has been quoted as saying she wishes the new owners would maintain the property in an environmentally sensitive way. Imagine if she sold it to a conservation organization to manage in that manner, for a much lower price, and the public would be able to enjoy it too. We could call it “Kennedy Beach,” and it could be an inspiration to help each other. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will happen. To paraphrase J.F.K., ask not what you can do for your country and Island, ask what $65 million and the Trump tax cut can do for you.

Erik Albert
Oak Bluffs