Roll with Beach Road event


To the Editor:

Congratulations to the organizers of the Beach Road Music Festival, Adam Epstein and his crew, for a successful weekend. Kudos to the police, fire, and security personnel for the minimal impact the festival had on Vineyard Haven. I hope that we will see this as an annual event that will draw larger attendance and additional talent. Traffic was no more impacted than the usual August increase, and the flow through Vineyard Haven went smoothly. 

I hope the town realized the financial benefit of holding events like this, and local businesses benefited as well. Most disappointing was the need for off-Island school buses for transportation. Considering the school budget is tight and the Tisbury School is in need of substantial health and safety repairs, the additional money could have been put to good use. The building disrepair has been well documented. Receiving $90,000-plus for the use of the buses could have come in handy. One would have to question the integrity of whoever was involved in that decision. Transporting off-Island school buses to the Island in August when Island buses are available is environmentally unsound and just plain dumb. 

Tisbury should continue to find economic opportunities to improve its fiscal outlook. 


Sally Rizzo
Vineyard Haven