Town puts lens cap on harbor cameras


Two cameras on Tisbury’s town website have been disabled because people were using them for purposes other than their intended uses, Harbormaster John Crocker said.

While he declined to say exactly how the cameras were being used, an alert from the town offered this clue. “The camera is not intended for members of the public as a tool to take in the beautiful vistas of the town of Tisbury for extended periods of time,” the notice states. “When a member of the public uses the camera, please be aware of what is focused in view can be seen by all members of the public if they are utilizing the Town of Tisbury Harbor Department web page.”

The cameras are located at Owen Park and Lake Tashmoo landing. They allow the public to zoom in and monitor their boats and moorings, according to the alert.

Crocker told The Times he’s not sure exactly when the cameras will be reactivated, but it won’t be until after the busy summer season.

But even that comes with a caveat. “Taking advantage or overuse by individuals may cause the privilege of public access to this useful tool to be removed permanently,” the release states.

Heidi Rydzewski, the town’s IT director, could not be immediately reached for comment.



  1. A simple software timer that issues control for 1-minute duration -then return the camera to its”home ” position and focus…all done via the short term memory use of the controllers IP address. Nothing new about this option. Thousands of publicly controlled webcams exist with these very features

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