Dumpster ignites behind M.V. Screenprinting

This dumpster contained material that spontaneously combusted in Thursday's heat. — Lucas Thors

A dumpster behind M.V. Screenprinting on State Road in Tisbury caught fire Thursday at approximately 4:40 pm, and was promptly extinguished by Tisbury firefighters.

According to Tisbury Fire Chief John Schilling, the dumpster was filled with highly combustible construction debris, including used aerosol cans.

According to Schilling, a black lid covering the dumpster could have created enough solar gain to make the flammable materials inside the dumpster spontaneously combust. “Some solvents, such as polyurethanes or aerosols, are particularly prone to combustion, especially when temperatures reach over 105°, which it easily could have reached inside that dumpster on a really hot day like today,” Schilling said.

No one was injured during the dumpster fire, and traffic flow was unobstructed along State Road.