Vineyard Complementary Medicine to relocate

Vineyard Complementary Medicine's new office is located in Post Office Square in Edgartown.

Vineyard Complementary Medicine (VCM) is relocating its main office to Edgartown. The new office will be in Post Office Square, and opens Sept. 17. An open house is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 5. Plans are also in the works for a satellite office to accommodate up-Island residents.

VCM offers Island residents and visitors cost-effective, long-term pain relief, injury management, movement retraining, and mind and body wellness treatments.

“As we embark on our 16th anniversary, it is very exciting to have the opportunity to create a newly renovated clinic that will be all on one level, have plenty of parking, and be handicap-accessible. Because our approach is both complementary and comprehensive, having easy interaction for our patients between clinicians helps improve their care and recovery,” Susan Sanford, CEO and president of VCM, said.