Credit where it’s due


To the Editor:

In the article by Abby Remer, a wonderful article by the way, I would like very much if she would mention that Sarah Safford who lives on the Island and in Brooklyn and choreographs for the Silver Fringe dancers on the Vineyard should be mentioned as organizing the three performances we gave this past week in Oaks Bluff, Vineyard Haven, and West Tisbury. 

Safford not only performed, but was instrumental in teaching a bunch of wonderful seniors how to do a very difficult dance called “For Dancers Only” with arrangements by Cy Oliver and music by Jimmy Lunceford. Safford has been instrumental in bringing Tap for Free to anyone who would love to study it, especially senior citizens who already know a lot about tap. The article was about me, but Safford deserves a lot of credit for setting up the gigs and dancing and performing and choreographing in them. Abby Remer wrote a wonderful piece on our show and it was well received by all of our audiences.


Jane Goldberg

Director, The Traveling Tap Museum