Need for manager is an emergency


To the Editor:

To the residents of Tisbury: Tisbury does not have a permanent, capable emergency services manager — an important position involving planning and coordination with other Island towns and agencies. The police chief and fire chief have a lot going on during an emergency, and felt that they cannot take on more responsibility. So, at the August 6 selectmen’s meeting, the harbormaster, who has trouble managing his own department, was given temporary status as emergency services manager. Neither the fire chief nor the police chief were even given status as assistant emergency services managers. The selectmen clearly stated that the harbormaster was not the right person for this additional responsibility, and a permanent manager, more suited to the job, was to be appointed on August 21. They had applications. But this never happened.
The Tisbury selectmen have not assigned/appointed a permanent, capable emergency services manager. And the emergency plan has not been updated since 1996. As hurricane season is approaching, Tisbury residents have been left vulnerable. Tisbury selectmen are not taking care of their town residents. The town needs a capable, competent emergency services manager to plan, coordinate, and support town residents in emergencies. And Tisbury residents know what failure in emergencies looks like.

Lynne Fraker
Vineyard Haven


  1. No truer words were ever spoken-that what happens when take the most qualified person- Masters Degree in Emergency Management and decide that job and his position as Lieutenant of the Tisbury P.D are no longer required and push him to the curb. Talk about a dysfunctional town-i have no words to express my bewilderment. Simply insane!

  2. Lynne, I appreciate you writing in on this important topic. Thank you for bringing this issue to the Tisbury residents attention. I agree that the Police Chief & Fire Chief would be overburdened in the event of an emergency, and it is not wise to ask the Harbormaster to fulfill the duties of an Emergency Management Director as it is out of his purview. Wonder why Tisbury would take the existing over-qualified Emergency Manager with a Masters Degree from Mass Maritime (Lt. Meisner)
    and replace with the Harbormaster? Tisbury selectmen you ought to be ashamed.

  3. Lynne it continues to sound like you’re bitter. Throwing barbs at the Harbormaster saying he can’t handle his own department. This is just another one of your attempts to misguide Island residents with your misrepresentation of the truth. Being left vulnerable is your opinion because of your dissatisfaction with the town. I am many others should take exception with your characterization and false statements.

    • TT the truth is hard to take, and easier to ignore. Discrediting me doesn’t change the facts. You are just creating your own truth. I am frustrated, not bitter but but facts are facts and the statement that the Harbormaster is not the one for the job of Emergency Manager was made at a public Selectmen meeting. Fact. So, yes, Tisbury is left vulnerable . Putting someone in the position of Emergency manager when you know they cannot handle it, leaves the Town vulnerable . The Harbor is left even more vulnerable without full attention on it. The Selectmen have never paid much attention to the Harbor. You can attempt to bully and discredit me all you want , but I have never ever made a false statement.

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