Cribbage results


On August 28 at 6 pm, the Vineyard Cribbage Club met at the P.A. Club in Oak Bluffs for week 23 of play. We welcomed three new visitors who played. There were 32 players in all this week. Six games are played with 2 points for a win, 3 points for a skunk (win by more than 30 points), and 0 points for a loss.

Nica Sylvia came in first place with a 10/5 +85 card; second place went to Danny BenDavid with a 10/5 +75 card; third place was Brian Maxfield with a 10/5 +18 card; Tricia Bergeron was fourth with a 10/5 +15 card, and fifth place went to Alan Michaels with a 9/4 +37 card. The group as a whole had 10 skunks and 5 24-point hands.

Next play is Wednesday, Sept. 11, at 6 pm sharp, doors open at 5:30. If you can play a game in 20 minutes or less, come by and check us out.