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To the Editor:

Americans seem at times to be mesmerized by Britain’s royals. This was especially so after the tragic death of Princess Diana 22 years ago.

And now, some startling news from London. Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked Queen Elizabeth to suspend (prorogue) Parliament, and she complied. One of the last times this happened was in the 1620s, when King Charles I did so. He was beheaded in 1649. I am wondering what consequences there may be for Johnson and the Queen. Maybe a new and rational PM, and the abdication of the Queen?

Jack Fruchtman



  1. Actually, Clement Atlee did it in 1948. No one will be beheaded and the Queen won’t abdicate. Theresa May dithered for more than two years after the people voted for Brexit. Boris Johnson has testicular fortitude just like Trump.

  2. Jackie, by your definition, anyone who votes for a candidate is complicit in that candidates actions. You would agree you are complicit in all of Obamas manifestations. Oh I understand, Obama was good for our country. It’s all about whose ox is gored.

    • I didn’t define anything, Andrew. I don’t respect them particularly, but I don’t have a big problem with those who believed Trump’s lies and voted for him. Those who ignore what he is doing now? Yeah, you’re complicit. You may as well have taken that Sharpie yourself and illegally defaced the hurricane map (a federal offense to try to mislead with weather alerts) with a pathetic lie. What will it take before you admit your guy is a nutcase and incompetent, and he is harming our country irreparably? Go ahead, excuse a crazy, sick, old man, not for making a mistake when he didn’t know the geography of the southeast coast, but for digging in his heels and pretending he didn’t make a huge flub. I dare you to address Trump’s behavior without any what-aboutisms. Your guy belongs in a straight-jacket. His own aides can’t keep him in check.

  3. Jackie and dondondon. You two have been in a rage for two years or more about Trump. What will you do when he wins again. Will you then not favor democracy? You are all about temperament and personality and never about progress. You both think 60 million people are moronic and complicit and your elitism is stunning.

    • Andrew– ever wonder why we don’t like trump ?
      You have become quite adept at not holding trump accountable for any lies, and pointing a finger at someone else. Yes we have been in a rage since trump broke the law on his first day in office by not divesting himself from the post office property in clear violation of the emollients clause of the CONSTITUTION that you admittedly could care less about.
      His latest criminal act of altering a government issued warning about a serious and fatal hurricane is not a joke, although I am certain a number of comedians are bummed out they couldn’t come up with what that joke fast enough
      18 U.S. Code § 2074 is not fake news or communist propaganda– It is a serious law that has been in place for decades for a serious reason. It States :
      “Whoever knowingly issues or publishes any counterfeit weather forecast or warning of weather conditions falsely representing such forecast or warning to have been issued or published by the Weather Bureau, United States Signal Service, or other branch of the Government service, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ninety days, or both.’
      Now perhaps some of trump’s sycophants altered that warning, and trump is too far down dementia road to know it was not true, and they should be locked up, or trump did it and he should be locked up.
      Where’s the outrage Andrew ????? The guy broke federal law, and you don’t care. Do you have any idea how many people in Alabama believed it ? perhaps you believe it also , I don’t know–
      But as that other really fine and upstanding president said “when the president does it, it’s not illegal ”
      I do not think 60 million people are moronic and complicit, but I do know, that at the very least, you are complicit… pure and simple.

  4. Medically, I don’t believe Trump will make it to the next election. Time will tell. As far as elitism goes, I’m afraid you’re projecting. But please do, tell us why our country deserves an idiot for a president, one who doesn’t know where Alabama is, and then lies when he gets caught being a pathetic idiot. You can’t do it.

  5. Jackie you are swatting at mosquitos when you should be shooting elephants. Booming economy, mass employment, oil independence, Jerusalem as capitol, deregulation for business to thrive, telling NATO to pay their fair share {liberals love the words fair share). He is not an idiot but he is a disrupter. Supreme Court appointments and more coming. The only one to take on China. You seem to want leadership that allows Tisbury school to rot, or Stop and Shop to take a hike, or to blast Dershowitz. No one cares about Alabama on the map. MAGA. Are you sufficiently annoyed now?

    • Leave it to a Trump supporter to metaphorically suggest the shooting of elephants. Your Consertive’s, privileged white male’s list is as out of touch with reality as Trump is as president. You should have added the bit about the wall that mexico paid for. As for lying about me on this page, stop it. I don’t know anything about Tisbury politics and have never commented about the school. And I’m a fan of S&S. And Dershowitz? When Trump can’t answer a simple question, he lies. I asked you a simple question and look what you brought up. The Tisbury school. Your failure and inability to respond to what you were asked still doesn’t lessen Trump’s pathetic idiocy one iota, but thank you for expressing so clearly what you actually do worship and admire.

    • Andrew–I care that the president of the United States does not know where Alabama is, never heard of a cat 5 hurricane after 4 of them were either near our coastline or hit our coastline during his presidency. I care that the president of the United states saw fit to alter a NHC report to convince himself mostly, but also his profoundly ignorant and complicit followers that he had not misspoken.
      Yes, business can thrive with no regulation. I think the next time I have a truckload of construction debris, I will just dump it in your yard, rather than being burdened with sone silly regulation that requires me to pay to put it at some specified place. Coal companies, after all can dump their sewage into the rivers and thereby into the front or back yards of the surrounding community. Please give me a coherent argument as to why I can’t dump my construction debris in your yard ? it will be cheaper for me, and I might hire another employee ..
      I hope Russia makes San Francisco our capital after they get trum pee re-elected.
      Really, you think trump should get credit because Moscow Mitch refused to do his

      • Andrew–continuing– CONSTITUTIONALLY mandated job and have a hearing on SCOTUS nominee Garland. Are you really proud of that power grab ?
        And thanks again for telling us all what Jackie thinks– I would guess she would disagree with that, and have her own opinion . But I can see why you would say that about her, as you think women should just shut up and you admittedly have no respect for their opinions– and you can even lie about Jackie’s opinions, because , lucky for you, god says you can.

  6. NOOA just told us they did tell Trump on 8/28 to 9/2 that Alabama was a possibility. I suppose Trump ordered them to do so. You folks and the liberal media should be embarrassed. cNN even thought Mississippi was Alabama on the map they showed.

    • It’s been debunked, Andrew. This is boot licking nonsense. Who do you think used the Sharpie? Trump was briefed on Dorian several times on Sunday when he falsely warned Dorian could impact Alabama, 4 days after there was zero chance of Alabama being even minimally impacted. Trump is a pathetic liar. He could have said he initially erred and moved on. But no. The idiot has spent days yammering his lie instead of focusing on the tragedy of this storm. Disgusting.

    • Andrew, I just want to make sure you understand what a liar Trump is and how foolish it is to believe the garbage you fell for in posting about that anonymous, and now, false, statement from NOAA. The NY Times has reported that Trump’s Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, threatened to fire top employees at NOAA’s Birmingham office after that office disputed Trump’s claim that Dorian might Alabama. It’s never the mistake… but it’s always the cover-up. Are you embarrassed enough yet? There’s a big difference between testicular fortitude (bold faced lying). Being complicit in these lies is not a good look.

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