Clarification for Alan Dershowitz


To the Editor:

We participated in the protest at the West Tisbury library for Alan Dershowitz’s book talk. His talk about encouraging free speech and being “willing” to answer our questions illustrates that he is willfully ignorant.

Speaking for myself and my husband, we were there to honor and give voice to the women and girls who have been preyed upon, assaulted, and silenced by those whom Dershowitz CHOSE to defend, enable, and empower.

That you continue to not own your choices, Mr. Dershowitz, is on you. It’s not about free speech. Sadly the old adage, “There is none so blind as he who will not see,” applies to you.

Susan and Bruce Desmarais
Oak Bluffs


  1. I totally understand the anger in this letter. No doubt virtually everyone does. There are evil people who do terrible things in this world. But, in America, when people are arrested for allegedly doing terrible things, they’re guaranteed both a presumption of innocence and the right to an attorney. If understanding only those very basics of our legal system, it’s just irrational to berate any attorney for defending any accused…one could even say “willfully ignorant”. Perhaps the heat of politics has fogged your window.

    • Mr. Dershowitz has chosen to align himself with, and profit from, men who commit heinous acts of violence against women and children. He’s an opportunist, hiding behind the constitution. His recent constitutional argument for lowering the age of sexual consent to 14 isn’t really too surprising, given his relationship with the late Jeffrey Epstein. And its particularly offensive given that women are working in Massachusetts to end child marriage. It’s a slap in the face.

  2. What a squandered privilege it must be to protest someone and the person you accuse would actually take time to speak with you directly. Instead you shout shame, and throw away the opportunity. Isn’t that the opposite of “giving voice”?
    Islanders will protest just about anything and that’s fine and all, but the vilification of the libraries for allowing speakers certain people disagree with is the real shame.

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