Answering the call


To the Editor:

Well, the men and women of the Oak Bluffs Fire Department have done it again; they have likely saved another building from burning down. On Nov. 16, 2017, they responded to and put out a fire in a bathroom exhaust fan at a building I own that was minutes away from turning the building into a conflagration (please NEVER leave your bathroom exhaust fans running when you’re not home). 

And at 4:30 this morning, Sunday, Sept. 8, they answered my call again due to the fire alarms going off in my apartment building. After a lengthy search of the building, they discovered a pot of food left cooking, and burning, on a stove burner, and a sound-asleep tenant. Again, it probably wasn’t long before we had actual fire in the building. My greatest thanks to all of the personnel who selflessly answer the call when the need is greatest.

Caleb Caldwell

Oak Bluffs