A rail dilemma


To the Editor:

I have been a plumbing inspector on the Island for many years. I’ve been in many houses, some quite nice (expensive), some not so much. I am amazed that almost none of the showers installed have grab rails! This is not a Mass. law (probably should be) but common sense says they (grab rails) should be installed. You don’t have to be old or hurt to need these. Just a quick wrong turn, a sudden slip, or an unexpected pain could cause you to need something solid to grab onto. You may also have someone visiting or moving in that may need this service.

Installation of a grab rail is both cheap and easy if done during construction/renovating. These rails can be had from 1 foot long to over 5 feet. They can be installed horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. 

I’ve been told by homeowners that they never thought of this and nobody suggested it.

A hand held shower piece is also a good idea.

Bill Haynes, plumbing inspector
West Tisbury