Edgartown: One of those bonus days


Well, Sunday was one of those bonus days that we sometimes get in September, that’s for sure. Temperatures in the 70s, bright sunshine, gentle breeze. The beach looked like it could have been a summer day, based on all the cars parked along the way and everyone enjoying the day. I spent a couple of hours there myself, and felt rejuvenated. I’ve been driving around with my paddleboard still on top of my car, refusing to accept that summer was over, and it paid off Sunday. The current was gently drifting out, and I’d just come in close to shore, then let the current take me back out, paddle back in, and do it all over again. For years I looked at people on paddleboards and vowed that I would never have one. Boy, was I wrong. The tranquility and peace that comes out on that board is like no other. I’m so grateful that I got one more chance. Now, can I be selfish and ask for a few more before the cold weather hits?

My whole family was here last week, with my brother and his family in from Ohio and my sister and her daughter here from Beverly. We even managed to all be in one place at the same time on Thursday night for dinner. Pop had all his kids and all his grandkids under his roof for a couple of hours. I can’t remember the last time that happened. The grandkids range from 17 years old to 27 years old now, and it’s tough to tie them all down at the same time. As always, there was a lot of laughter, and it was great fun to all be together. Alas, they’ve all gone home now, and everyone is back into our/their busy lives.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Lyuba Avrimova and Bonnie Dietz on Sept. 19 and Lisa Haag on Sept. 22. And happy anniversary wishes go out to Frank and Helayne Cohen Folts, who celebrated their 24th anniversary on Sept. 16. 

The climate crisis is an emergency, and the world’s youth are calling on all of us to start acting like it. On Friday, Sept. 20, the United Church of Christ will be following the lead of young people leading strikes for the love of creation, in cities and towns across the planet. Young people want all citizens of the earth to join them by dropping business as usual and participating in the 2019 Global Climate Strike. Our church, along with others on the Cape and the Island, are showing their support for the Climate Strike by ringing their bells on Sept. 20 at 11 am for 11 minutes. The 11 minutes at 11 was chosen to signify the “eleventh hour,” or the last possible moment to take action. So if you are lucky enough to hear bells on Friday, you’ll know why. I hope the Edgartown churches are taking part. I think it’s a beautiful way to support the cause of saving our planet.

There is a celebration for my Uncle Jimmy, a.k.a. Louis Goodwin, on Saturday, Sept. 21, from 11 until 2 at the P.A. Club. All are welcome to join the family, and share stories and memories. Uncle Jimmy was quite a character, that’s for sure, so there are plenty of stories to share, I’m certain.

We are firmly into week three of school, and I think we’re beginning to gain some traction. The start of the year is always interesting, because a grade comes into my room and they seem so young. It always takes me a bit to remember, for example, that the second grade at the beginning of the year is different, literally but also figuratively, than second grade was at the end of last year. The second graders in September, and the first graders or third graders, and so on, are still sort of the grade they were last year. It gives me a reminder of how much kids grow and change during the school year. Here’s to another great start to a year of laughter and learning.

That’s all I’ve got. Have a great week. And send me some news and events to share with friends.