Support for Stephen Nichols


To the Editor:

I was appalled to read of the unfortunate incident which obviously has caused Mr. Stephen Nichols much pain, difficulty, and embarrassment.

Given Mr. Nichols’ background in law enforcement, and his many years of service to Tisbury as a police officer, the allegations against him are not only an absurdity, but also an outrage. His honorable service to this country in the U.S. Army during the Korean War is additionally an important part of the man that he is, and no one who knows him would ever doubt his commitment to public service.

Mr. Nichols would never threaten the safety of anyone, especially schoolchildren. Rather than act threateningly, I am convinced that he would, even now and without hesitation, risk or even give his life to protect a child from danger.

When the blur of dust clears, and reasonable thinking prevails, Mr. Nichols should receive an apology, and be given his firearms license back forthwith!


Michael F. Fontes

West Tisbury