Bottle it up

Storm washes ashore message in a bottle


While Thursday’s storm brought plenty of frowns, it brought at least one smile to 6-year-old Joey Ragosta when he found a message in a bottle washed up on the beach.

Kate Foley, Joey’s mother, decided to take her son to a portion of West Chop known as “Marble Beach” since West Tisbury School had a two-hour delayed start. The two frequent the beach looking for marbles or sea glass. When Joey found the bottle, Foley said he was beyond excited.

“The word to describe it was elated,” Foley said. “He was jumping up and down.”

The bottle, which had the word “message” written on the outside, contained a letter dated Oct. 13. Coincidentally enough, the letter was written by Fionna Boyd, a second grader from the West Tisbury School. The letter offered an email and asked for the finder to send an email to Fionna. It also included some original drawings. According to the letter, Fionna threw the bottle in the ocean at Lambert’s Cove Beach. 

Foley said her son will probably tell Fionna, who is one grade ahead, once he’s back at school. 

“I told him this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing,” Foley said while laughing. “The note is really sweet.”