Hooray for science


To the Editor:

You write in your editorial of October 10 that The Times will no longer print letters or commentary to the paper regarding climate change which are not factually based. Well hooray! I agree wholeheartedly that giving the “hoax” folks a platform for expression of these cuckoo notions is a disservice to your readers and the community. 

Jack Street
Vineyard Haven


  1. We are constantly being scolded for our carbon footprint yet the elites and the bureaucrats and the UN officials and even the IPPC travel in private jets many times over to conferences and Davos and the like lecturing us on the need to lower our footprint. I will believe its a crisis when the people telling me its a crisis start acting like it is a crisis.

    • Way to go, Andrew. You’re waiting for a particular type of behavior from “elites” (would those include republicans who fly in private jets and own McMansions?) rather than believe virtually the entire world scientific community to adjust some of your behaviors? How altruistic. When we start living in a world where we base our own behaviors on our anger and small-minded resentments of others, what does that say about us? Do you seriously mean you would live more responsibly and show more respect for the earth if only that Laurie David person would fly coach? Why not listen to the science and not the messengers, some of whom, I agree, are hypocrites?

    • That’s like saying you’ll believe in famine when the elite are finally going hungry. The wealthy will always have plenty to eat. They are not an accurate representation of the state of the world or its needs. But we still acknowledge and make efforts to bring food to starving people, as everyone knows waiting on the wealthy to fix that problem for us won’t work.

      Just like they’ll always take private flights, simply because they can afford to do so and no one is permitted to stop them, not because it’s ethical or justified. That doesn’t mean the rest of us can sit back and adopt the same approach.

  2. Jackie It is precisely because the entire world scientific community and many others are not adjusting their behavior that I wrote the post. Would you like me to tell you about the IPCC scientists on private jets or the 270 private jets taken to Davos or how about ”Davos by the Sea” last August wherein Google invited the wokerati to a retreat in Sicily to discuss carbon footprints. Obama and Harry and Leonard and Katy Perry and 300 hundred others including Hollywood actors, political icons, royalty and business tycoons were invited to Google’s Italian island retreat in Sicily via more than 100 private jets and luxury yachts to hypocritically discuss what can be done. I have no resentment Jackie. If I were invited by private jet I would also go as would many on MV. Perhaps you would.

    • Andrew, when you consistently tell the truth about what you really believe, you don’t need a good memory. You seem to have forgotten that a couple of weeks ago you used this forum to advance the “science” of certain climate deniers you couldn’t actually name, and used Wikipedia silliness to prove it. You’ve made clear numerous times you don’t believe in actual science, so your anger, resentment, and, yes, jealousy of those you call “elite” is obvious.

      • jackie– I believe the right wing “dog whistle” term for jealousy of the elite is “wealth envy”

      • Jackie how about discussing the merits of my post rather than simply attacking me? Do you support all these people flying around in private planes lecturing the rest of us?.

    • andrew– of reducing carbon emissions by international agreements , it’s always “china and India”
      On personal responsibility it’s the “elite” flying in their private jets.
      Changing Columbus day to indigenous peoples day, it’s the native Americans were not “angels” .
      On crime and unemployment it’s the fault of the illegal immigrants.
      On every other subject, it’s the fault of the socialist liberals who hate America.
      How about we accept some responsibility for our own behavior ?

      • One flight from NY to Europe sets about the same carbon footprint that the average American sets in one year. One private jet flight. All the Democrat candidates support the Green New Deal and most of them fly private. Can you explain that dondondon? Are they not damaging the very environment the Green Deal wants to protect?

        • Andrew, you can do better than this. Are you saying that most Democrats fly from JFK to Heathrow (NY is a State. Europe is a continent.) via private, transatlantic jets? Do these Democrats fly their own, privately owned airplanes? Are these jets modern aircraft with two engines flying transatlantic (the most common models used for service, namely the Airbus A330, Boeing 767 and Boeing 777)? (https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=most+comman+tranatlantic+jet.) Most Democrats own or have personal access to these aircraft? Trump owned an airline that he bought for 325 million dollars. When it lost over 125 million dollars in its first 18 months, Trump left over 1,000 employees out of work. (https://www.businessinsider.com/donald-trump-airline-shuttle-transportation-pan-am-eastern-new-york-2019-1) No, I don’t know what you mean. Sources of your facts, please.

          • Bulkington you are being disingenuous. I will go slowly. One flight to Europe from the US is the equivalent of the carbon footprint of the average american in one year. Dem candidates fly private jets yet whine about climate. Trump has nothing to do with this since he doesnt complain about climate change. The Dems do. Get it?

    • Does this mean that Donald Trump will start riding a bicycle instead of traveling by private jet when he leaves Office? (I would pay – yes, pay – to see him do any form of exercise, or even lift anything that weighs more than 1/4 pound at a time. This includes the Frnch fries.)

  3. Thanks for looking up from your Boston Globe or New York times to put all the people that don’t agree with you in their respective places…..Jackie

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