Tisbury: Houses of Grace gearing up


The Federated Church is holding its annual Bow Workshop today, Thursday, Oct. 24, from 3 to 6 pm in the Parish House on South Summer Street in Edgartown. Sign up on the bulletin board in the Parish House, or call 508 627-4421. No experience needed. All are welcome.

The Vineyard Haven library is now open on Sundays from noon to 4 pm for the winter season, except for a few holiday weekends. You should check the calendar for free Sunday events, such as a program on medical marijuana next Sunday, Oct. 27, at 2 pm. Ray Whitaker, manager of a soon-to-be-opened medical cannabis dispensary on our Island, will discuss potential benefits of medical marijuana, as well as the practice of ‘Start Low and Go Slow,” and more about alternative medicines.

Caroline Joy Adams will lead a free workshop “The Power to Memoir: Writing From Your Life Experience” at the Vineyard Haven library on Monday, Oct. 28, from 2 to 4 pm. Bring your favorite notebook paper, and something to write with. If you didn’t know, writing from life experience is just as important for fiction writers as for those who write memoirs. 

And on Tuesday, Oct. 29, at 7 pm at our library you can see “The Cat Rescuers,” a documentary about saving cats in New York City. Lots of cats were rescued with skill and humor, and these Brooklyn volunteers reduced animal suffering while at the same time changing their own lives.

Our churches will sponsor the Houses of Grace emergency shelter program, beginning in January. The overnight shelter requires plenty of volunteers. Every volunteer must attend ONE orientation session. Two more are scheduled for 7 pm on Thursday, Nov. 14, at the Federated Church, and 7 pm on Monday, Dec. 9, at the Good Shepherd Parish Center. Some folks will help settle people in the evening, some assist with breakfast, and some stay overnight.

How did you manage with all those high winds? The day after I thought it was over, the wind was still blowing pretty hard. As an electrician was replacing the front porch lights, we heard a terrible, loud, extended crack. A very tall pine was now leaning at a distinct angle toward the power lines. But at first we couldn’t see any crack in the tree. The arborist spotted it — in one long root that was just managing to hold the tree at an odd angle.

As I write this, I am hoping he can take care of it soon. He did have to work on some downed trees cutting off electricity to many homes. That does qualify as more of an emergency, though I hated to admit it. My tree that seemed inclined to either take down the power lines or take out my car seemed a pretty big emergency to me.

The electrician had wisely suggested a couple of other tall pines that looked hazardous should go at the same time. The cost will be prohibitive, though the peace of mind will be priceless.

I am also having some work done on my house. Starting a few weeks after Labor Day, there has been one project or another, so I just hope everyone can get the work done without getting in each other’s way. I hate to admit it, but that is one situation that I can do nothing about.

I was comforted by hearing that other widows had many of the same unhappy thoughts that I shared with you. I am beginning to understand that it can take a long time to ease away from those feelings. We all say we are sorry when someone dies, but we also — or I did — forget that the healing from that loss will take a very long time.

Happy anniversary to Bill and Marie Connelly on Wednesday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Paul Angelastro. Happy birthday tomorrow to our selectman Jeff Kristal of the Crocker House Inn. Lots of birthday wishes go out Tuesday: Wish the best to Lillian Colligan, Kaylee Kuehne, and Tate Buchwald. Wednesday belongs to Sally Leslie-Mitchell.

Heard on Main Street: They say that spirits rise in the fall …