Oct. 31, Esther R. Brandon and Rogers Brandon, trustees of Knoll Lot Nominee Trust, sold 61 Old Fields Path to 61 Old Fields Path LLC for $8,500,000.


Nov. 1, George M. Wilgram, trustee of Sedgwick Realty Trust, sold 137 Quansoo Rd. to Esther R. Brandon and Rogers Brandon, trustees of Knoll Lot Nominee Trust, for $3,250,000.



Oct. 28, Barbara Zimmerman, trustee of Zimmerman Realty Trust, sold Unit 10, 20 Peases Point Way to Johanna Wetmore for $139,000.


Oct. 29, James Hitchings sold 96 Washque Ave. to James F. Hayden and Jeffrey B. Fager, trustees of the Ken Grove Trust Share Trust, for $45,000.


Oct. 31, David V. Hedley and Michele M. Hedley, trustees of Hedley Real Property Trust, sold 34 Field Club Dr. to Michael A. Bass, trustee of 34 Field Club Realty Trust, for $4,345,000.


Oak Bluffs

Oct. 28, Katherine A. Shanor sold 11 Peter Williamson Blvd. to Robert G. Stafford for $100,000.


Oct. 29, Susan M. McSweeney sold 40 Pinewood Lane to Antone M. Lima and Emily B. Peabody for $562,000.


Oct. 29, Thomas P. Griffen, Personal Representative of the estate of Selden K. Griffen III, sold 56 Church St. to Donna S. Griffen for $400,000.


 Oct. 29, Kenneth F. Blanchard and Tracie L. Blanchard sold 26 Winne Ave. to Joseph P. Holland Sr. and Nicole E. Holland for $760,000.


Oct. 31, Christopher S. Burnett, trustee of Burnett Vineyard Realty Trust, sold 8 Shirley Ave. to Blaine A. Burnett and Tawana C. Murphy Burnett for $2,000.


Oct. 31, Diplomat Property Manager LLC sold 16 Bellevue Ave. to Ronei Julio De Souza and Josiane Paiva Souza for $695,000.


Oct. 31, CCCE LLC sold 30 Massasoit Ave. to Yolanda Belen Levchenko for $820,000.


Nov. 1, Thomas G. Ward and Carol L. Hulak sold 14 Kennebec Ave. to GJ & BP Holdings LLC for $690,000.



Oct. 28, Bruce Campbell, Jan Campbell, and Lee Campbell, trustees of the Jeanne Campbell Revocable Living Trust, sold 111 Main St. to James C. Jones and Janet W. Jones for $3,025,000.


Oct. 30, Thomas Alden Norton sold 111 Daggett Ave. to Tara Lynn Silva for $200,000.


Nov. 1, Eugene Decosta and Sheila Decosta sold 122 Mayflower Lane to J. Howell Kelly and Nancy Kelly for $962,500.


West Tisbury

Oct. 28, One Eighty Six Oak Lane LLC sold 186 Oak Ln. to Jennifer Leigh Hoffman and Morton Jeffrey Hoffman for $940,000.


Oct. 31, Dean Falb and Nancy Falb sold 20 Leona Ln. to Dave G. Schwoch for $995,000.